Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Places

A few weeks ago we took the opportunity to hitch a ride with my Dad to see the Grandparents, both because Ro's started school so it had to be in the hollidays and also he was a bit hazey as to whether they were still alive or not- as last year wasn't the best for them with illness etc. It was wonderful to see them of course but what was really great was taking a car trip to see all the old people and places from Dad's extended family. I loved him taking Ro to the places we used to go when we came up to see me GREAT grandmother. I felt comfortable- like this is somewhere we can relate like we used to. Since my parents separated I find it quite awkward relating to them sometimes- they're still my folks, it's just I had this image in my head about how it would be when I was an adult with my own family. Going over once a week for dinner, family get togethers, everything I had growing up. I guess I feel kind of cheated for me and my children. they still have loving grandparents, but as well as that they're (the grandparents) are off exerting the independance and enjoying being uncommited and answerable to no one, which they both seem to see as the chief benefit of the single life. Maybe I still need to grow up some more and just suck it in.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Colour. That's it.

Yes we have moved house, yes I have started a new job, but honestly I just can't think of anything crafty or witty or philosophical to muse over. Maybe that's how life will be for a while. I'd love to start participating in a Corner's of my Home but as much as I love the new place, it's OURS we have exactly the right amount of space, I've started doing 'things' to it, it still feels kind of...blank. This blog is meant to make my life look all exciting and crunchy and creative by taking tiny little non-representative snapshots and rabbiting on about them. Well. yeah.

Now for something completely...

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