Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog Worthy- Water from the sky!

An incredible thing has happened. Water has fallen from the sky. In vast quantities and a short amount of time, complete with noise and flashing light. Proper hard stuff. It has become so rare in recent years (although no where near as rare as other parts of the country) that my mind had to retrieve the word from a little way back in my consciousness. THUNDERSTORM. The first thing it came into my head was 'oh look, lots of water falling hard from the sky'. One thing led to another and well... first the kids were allowed to get out of bed, which logically led to dancing naked in the rain. Guess it would have been better out the back instead of the front... How greatful am I to have a totally understanding husband who instead of being shocked and appalled instead understood that it was totally logical and snuck in some happy snaps. Well who knows, he may have been shocked and appalled but he's supportive before those things. I wonder how many men there are who could take my at times rampant craziness so easily in their stride. Sometimes he's even known to play along. Thanks babe for being so understanding. Thanks God for summer rainstorms and naked bodies (both chubby small ones and larger unabashedly motherly ones). Hmmm.... wonder who will be shocked and who will be totally unsurprised at this post? To quote a wise woman, It's my blog and I will blog what I want to.