Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cute Cloth

Posted on 12:03 AM by merrilymerrily

OK I have a little obsession, although it's nowhere near as consuming as it was. Cloth nappies- how can cloth nappies be an obsession I hear you ask? Well obviously you've never come across Modern Cloth. It's ecologicaly friendly, reliable and darn adorable. I initially wanted to do cloth because

a) I hopefully will raise environmentally aware children who would be a little annoyed if they were responsible for the consumption of so many non-renewable resources for no real reason.
b) the cost factor was appealing, given that the average child will cost $3000 to keep in disposable nappies and a good cloth system can cost as little as $100 (I have spent a little more than that, probably close to $400 but it's like a hobby).

Now I'm quite proud of my 'stash' as we like to call it on Nappycino, but it's nothing compared to this girl's, or this ones. They're right, much of it, especially the wooly stuff is more like art.

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