Sunday, September 03, 2006

Short/Medium Term Project List

Posted on 10:43 PM by merrilymerrily

1. Hang Lorien's mermaid curtains
2. Patch Rohan's long pants which ALL have holes in the knee
3. Try out the pillowcase dress directions from here
4. Hang the kids letters on their doors
5. Redecorate the dolls house
6. Felt a lampshade for MIL (if it's good enough, she's a great MIL)
7. Try out my new needle felting needles on a small project
8. The Angel Quilt- finish it!
9. The Mermaid Quilt- start it (but not until the Angel quilt is done)
10. Sew some night nappies
11. Paint the wicker chair (apple green)
12. start getting through all of those aqua and orange op-shop finds and actually produce something useful

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