Friday, October 27, 2006

wanna see something freaky?

Posted on 10:40 PM by merrilymerrily

Well it is to me. MY daughter cosying up to a CLOWN. Not only is it a clown, which by definition is hiding something, it's even pretending to be an inanimate clown. Pretending that it can't move, watching, waiting... I hates them. I think I always had a problem with them but when I was about 8 a certain aunt let me watch IT and I still get a bit of a shiver sometimes. I don't do clowns. Lorien on the other hand freaky child that she is decided she wanted to sit on it's lap and give it kisses and cuddles... blech. The kids had a great time, although Rohan had a mini meltdown everytime Daddy went on a ride that he was too short for (I think there were six in total and they were SCARY). It's no good telling him that it will be all the sweeter when he goes next time and has grown the extra 10cm required. I think every kid needs to go to an amusement park and taste the dissapointment of being just a little too small. Am I a sadist?

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