Friday, December 22, 2006

It's done- part 1

Posted on 11:18 PM by merrilymerrily

Thought I might catch you up on my crafty pursuits. Well I decided on a more wholesome and meaningful Christmas this year- my new years resolution for 2006 was to be do more with my hands like garden, cook, sew and generally create. So I DID start early on Christmas I promise. Inevitably I was panicking with a week to go but with C - 2 days I'm able to sit here blogging that it's finally over. I feel kind of guilty for the people I made stuff for- cause they get my crappy craft, but I also feel guilty about the people I bought stuff for! Yes they got a nice shiny store bought pressie but the they didn't get the hours (or days) of me thinking fondly of them as I worked on their project. Not that anyone knows that except me. So first cab of the rank was a very special baby for Lorien, based on the Waldorf doll philosophy which suggests that the fewer the features on the doll's face, the more the child's imagination is awakened in play and the more he or she bonds to the doll. Waldorf dolls are always made with all natural materials to absorb and reflect warmth and to provide wholesome materials for the child. Louise and I got a kit each from Sarah's Dolls and here is my result, hopefully she'll be loved despite or because of her extra long arm and odd feet. Obviously she'll be dressed in more natural materials after Christmas!

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