Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday score!

Posted on 11:02 PM by merrilymerrily

OK so the score was with our own money but still, to be able to purchase in a REAL bricks and mortar store the imaginings of my many nights of blog surfing right here in Wollongong warms my little heart. Unfortunately the shop doesn't have a website but for those of you around here it's called milk (mothers infants little kids) and is in Fairy Meadow (a very apt suburb for a children's shop don't you think?) And I think Lorien may be pretty happy too. My baby is turning TWO people! We're well and truely leaving babyhood behind us in this family, we'll come back to visit you though, I promise. On to the loot. First up we have a snazzy little number by Oobi, makers of the gorgeously unique little Beasties, well it turns out they make equally as gorgeously unique clothing items

Next up we have a (well two actually) pair of Babylegs in dark rye and white starburst (for those who are interested), as well as a matching pair of blue garden clogs, just 'cause. Finally we have a purchase from the most coveted toy brand Haba

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