Saturday, January 20, 2007

small offerings

Posted on 1:08 PM by merrilymerrily

Some small offerings from our vegetable garden. From all of those lushious potato plants the actual tubers are a little on the scrawny side, ranging from around the size of a large egg (only a couple) to pea size. Admittedly I just whacked them in the garden before we left for noosa, and only payed 2 dollars for the whole seed potato box, but I was expecting a little more than 2 (delicious) side dishes worth. Guess I'll get used to veggies that aren't all huge and uniform like at the supermarket. The tomatoes are just some spare seedlings from my neighbour Anna, I don't think they were even in real dirt. Apparently they are yummy too (I can't eat raw tomatoes) and given I don't even know what variety they're supposed to be they might be meant to be that size. I have high hopes for my Italian Roma's however. They have 6 weeks to do their thing, otherwise I'll have to think about shifting them TO OUR NEW HOUSE! Which will be OURS (our bank's). We thought contracts had exchanged Wednesday but apparently we were mistaken, so that'sa bit of a downer, so close yet sooooo far it seems.

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